Growing the sport of lacrosse in the Tahoma School District since 1999.


The following candidates are running for Tahoma Lacrosse Board Positions for the 2019 - 2020 Season.  If you are interested in volunteering to serve, please see the duties for the position and email your qualification and reasons why you are interested to

Position Current Candidates


Michael Dib

Vice President:

Sonya Huddleston

Robert Kim


BJ Farish (incumbent)


Jeni Berry (incumbent)

Logistics Coordinator:

Kelsey Isbel

Boys Program Director:

Scott Person

Boys Youth Coordinator:

Eric Werner

Girls Program Director:

Catie Larsen (incumbent)

Girls Youth Director:

Lindsi Wolf (incumbent)

Equipment Manager:

Rachel Mark (incumbent)

Fundraising Chair:

Jen Pretty




Michael Dib

My family and I have lived in Maple Valley for more than 8 years and this community has been a wonderful one to be a part of. Our son is going into his 5th year of Tahoma Lacrosse and our daughter is now showing interest as well! I am currently representing this amazing club as the Vice President and would like to continue my services as President in the years ahead. We have an amazing board who are truly passionate about growing the Lacrosse program and providing a positive experience for you and your children.

Having our son be a part of this program has a been a positive experience for our entire family.  We have met and befriended many through the years and look forward to the following years of this fun and inviting experience. Go Bears!

Vice President:

Sonya Huddleston

I have been in Washington for six years volunteering in Issaquah and now Glacier Park Elementary School. My son was introduced to Tahoma Lacrosse through the cubbies at GPES. Needless to say we have been evolved with it ever since. My partner Nate Tade has been coaching and assistant coaching for the past few years. Now it is my turn to give back. We love Tahoma Lacrosse.


Robert Kim

My family and I have lived in the Covington/Maple Valley area for almost ten years now.  I am an attorney by trade (civil litigation, employment/labor, corporate) and have lived and worked around the Sound, east coast, and abroad.  I played varsity football and was a member of the varsity rowing team during high school.  My wife (Hannah) and I have a daughter (Justine) who plays for the 3/4 girls.  She has played for teams and participated in camps around the area and outside the state since kindergarten.  This is Justine’s second year with Tahoma.  I have helped coach Justine’s teams for a few years now and have become an avid fan of both girls/boys LAX.  My goals and hopes as Vice President is to help raise the girls game closer to the level of the boys game at Tahoma LAX Club.  From my observation, the girls game in general lags behind the boys game in this State on many levels.  I am hoping to have some measure of impact in whatever manner possible to help elevate the girls game to achieve its fullest potential at Tahoma.


Jeni Berry

I have been the Treasurer for the past 2 years, and previously served as the Secretary for the Club. Our two sons have been involved in Tahoma Lacrosse for 9 years and we have a strong love for the game, the Club, and the kids and families involved. 

This year I've worked at making sure we set up and stick to a budget that will allow us to continue to grow long term, without having to rely on reserves year after year. We have done a good job working together to keep spending within our budget, and I look forward to seeing this trend continue. I also worked on setting up our recordkeeping to align directly with our budget to provide quick and easy reporting and updates to the board on a monthly basis. My experience as a bookkeeper for many small businesses makes this position a good fit, and I look forward to more fine tuning and another successful year with Tahoma Lacrosse!


BJ Farish

I have enjoyed serving as the secretary for the past year and would like to continue working with the board.   Volunteering with Tahoma Lacrosse is an opportunity to give back to a great program that has been a positive influence in my son's life.  He has played from cubs to high school.  I would like the opportunity continue the good work that has been done by so many volunteers in this organization.


Logistics Coordinator

Kelsey Isbell

Boys Program Director

Scott Person

I have had the honor and pleasure of serving as the Boys Youth Coordinator for the past two years. No longer having kids in the youth program, it is time for me to pass the torch. I’d love the opportunity to continue to give back to the club and would be honored to serve as the Boys Program Director. The past two years has given me the historical knowledge of the club as well as the experience to successfully transition into this role. Thank you and Go Bears!! 


Boys Youth Coordinator

Eric Werner

I was initially introduced to Tahoma Lacrosse when my oldest son came home in third grade with a flier and said, "I want to try lacrosse!"  And thus we had a Cub in the program.  Two years later, as I was roaming the practice field, I was asked whether I had a son in the program.  When I responded that yes, I do, that's him over there, I was told, "Oh, his coach needs an assistant.  Would you be interested?"  And with those simple words, my coaching career with Tahoma Lacrosse was started.  

Eight years later, after being a coach or assistant coach at various levels, I have developed a love for this sport, and the extended Tahoma Lacrosse family.  I would like to expand my support of the youth program, and continue the work that Scott has done in his previous two years in the coordinator role.

Girls Program Director

Catie Larsen

I have been with Tahoma Lacrosse for 13 years and had a part in creating the first Youth Girls team 6 years ago.  I was a past board member for many years so I am aware of how things work.  I want to continue helping with the girls side of our club to grow this great sport.  I would appreciate if you vote to keep me in this position.  Thank you!

Equipment Manager

Rachel Mark

I have been on the board as the equipment manager for the last 2 years and I have really enjoyed my time serving Tahoma Lacrosse Club in that way. It’s been beneficial to myself and to my player to volunteer behind the scenes.

Fundraising Chair

Jen Pretty

Hello!  My name is Jen Pretty I have two girls playing Lacrosse with Tahoma.  My girls were introduced to lacrosse through the Cubs program and they fell in love with the sport.  This year I took on the duties of team parent for the 3/4 girls team and have enjoyed learning more about the game and meeting other parents.

I have been involved for the past three years as the assistant coordinator of the MBBB fundraiser event at Crystal Mountain that has raised over $34,000 in three years.  This event is a full day event that involves local breweries, an on hill scavenger hunt and silent auction.  

I have also assisted in the Life to the Max Golf Tournament/fundraiser for the past 5 years, acquiring raffle and silent auction items as well as day of event operations support. 

As a parent I know there are many fundraising events during the school year that take time and usually “tap” the same groups of people.  I understand the need to have creative fundraising events that will not only raise money but increase visibility for Tahoma Lacrosse in the community at large.  I am committed to continue to grow and support Tahoma Lacrosse and would be honored to be the Fundraising Chair.


Girls Youth Director

Lindsi Wolf

I have served as the Girls Youth Coordinator for the past two years, and am wishing to continue. My daughter has been playing with Tahoma Lacrosse since 2016, and each year our family's passion for the sport continues to grows.

I am passionate about helping to keep the Girls Youth program alive and well, and to see the club as a whole succeed and grow. In my time as the girls youth coordinator we have over doubled the amount of girls registered.  I am also involved in various other volunteer positions, so I know first-hand the importance of volunteers and how much their duties are needed. 

My family and I are fully involved and committed to the club and the opportunities that it presents for the children of our community, and I want to do everything I can to ensure that the Girls Youth program continues to succeed!